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Marley Eternit has several years of experience within the covering sector using a wide variety of tiles and slates from the more classic clay tiles the more contemporary fibre concrete slates and tangible tiles Working with several of the UK’s leading roofers and giving a huge range of covering goods, we’re comfortable that Marley Eternit can offer you with all of your roofing needs. Your huge selection of ventilation contains roof tile vents by Manthorpe & Klober which are suited to most top tiles including tangible basic tiles, clay plain tiles, Redland Mini Stonewolds, Redland Double Romans, Marley Mendips, Sandtoft Regular Styles, Redland 49s, Redland Mk 2 Stonewolds, Redland Regents, Redland Deltas, Sandtoft Double Romans, Sandtoft Calderdales, Marley Anglia Furthermore, Marley Ludlow Major, Marley Ludlow Plus to call several.
Our covering staff that is flat has incomparable understanding and connection with the best mastic asphalt and liquid level applications and so they operate closely with manufacturers and all the key makers. A top is among the biggest and most significant investments for the house, so a fast, reputable skilled covering specialist is vital.

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Clay plain rooftiles are the best solution where looks and identity tend to be more important than price: you’ll find largely three kinds: Machine made tiles that are ordinary that are clay Redland, by Marley Eternit & Sandtoft, that are produced in higher quantities for a clear contemparary appearance – these Are the roof covering of preference of all new build developments as the house-builders that are important enjoy exactly what an excellent include a clay top makes on the residence and just how they raise the visual appeal.
With more than 6,000 products in stock & the capability to source over fifty per cent of a million more distinct products we can’t suggest to them all online, so we strongly motivate one to phone or email us for an estimate or together with your enquiry when the roofing materials that you are trying to find are not contained in our site currently. Membrane roofing Membrane roofing is in huge linens, usually merged indirectly at the bones to form a steady floor.
Handmade the final word top tile is represented by clay basic tiles by companies such as for example Goxhill, Keymer – each tile generally is made by hand with a British contractor to get a premium unique ceiling spanning which will incorporate variation & character. Running and importing the greatest quality battens from our sawmill in Latvia, SR Ltd uses the latest hardwood grading and treatment technology to supply the UK market.