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S.M. Roofing Supplies Ltd has been recognized and open for trading since 1993. Made by hand clay plain tiles by producers such as for example Tudor, Keymer & Sandtoft Goxhill signify the last word top tile – each tile is literally hand made by a British builder for a premium unique roofing protecting that’ll include character & variation. Importing and running the best quality roofing battens from our sawmill in Latvia, SR Ltd uses cure engineering and the newest timber grading to supply the UK industry.
Environmentally friendly roof tiles using an organic and real record look in a range of colours. Copper covering therefore are 100% recyclable, ease-of manufacturing, lighter weight than various other roofing materials, may be rounded, radio frequency shielding, low maintenance, corrosion resistance, minimal thermal motion, turbo security, and gives toughness. Building restoration was, today utilized commercially just for by a covering product that was useless. Over the years we have developed our merchandise assortment to allow for the everchanging requirements of the roofing industry.

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Make your neighbors and buyers jealous by remodeling your roof together with the best tiles and covering components around. All jobs are welcomed by us on forecourts, driveways and backyards, with fixes and maintenance available at competitive costs. Machined guide which as all qualified roofers recognize is stocked by us, will be the accurate sort for covering & Local Laws & satisfies Building. Clarendon Covering and Building is devoted to supplying the greatest standard of build assistance, quality and cost competition to its clients in every areas of its building services.
With more than 6,000 goods in stock & the ability to present over half a trillion more various items we can not demonstrate to them all online, so we strongly encourage you to call or email us to get a quotation or together with your enquiry in the event the roofing supplies that you are searching for are not contained in our website presently. Membrane covering Membrane roofing is in significant blankets, usually fused in a roundabout way in the bones to create a continual area.
Our huge selection of ventilation contains ceiling tile vents by Manthorpe & Klober which are ideal for many roofing tiles including real plain tiles, clay simple tiles, Redland Mini Stonewolds, Redland Double Romans, Marley Mendips, Sandtoft Regular Styles, Redland 49s, Redland Mk 2 Stonewolds, Redland Regents, Redland Deltas, Sandtoft Double Romans, Sandtoft Calderdales, Marley Anglia Furthermore, Marley Ludlow Major, Marley Ludlow Plus to name afew.